Whistle & Keg Brewery and Beer Hall

Our self-service, pay-by-the-ounce taps serve up your favorite drinks, from craft beer, wine, and cider to mead and kombucha.

Pour yourself a drink! Cheers!

How It Works





At the Whistle & Keg, we put the BEER in FUNDRAISER! It's never been so easy for your organization to make money while having a great time. Fundraising organizations keep 100% of ticket sales for the event and will also receive a donation from the Whistle & Keg equaling 10% of the revenue from drink sales for the event. For good measure we even throw in a W&K gift card to the person who books the event in our space! Call or email to secure your date.


The Whistle & Keg is available to host your party! We do everything from birthday parties and bachelor/bachelorette to company holiday parties and everything in between. If you're down to party, then we are the place for you!

If your simply want to reserve table space for your party while the bar stays open to the public, we will do so at no cost. Just call or email to secure your date—it's that easy!

If you want to make your party an event closed to the general public we can do so as long as a minimum spending threshold is met. No money required to book the bar! Call and book today, because dates go quickly!

Call or send us a message on Facebook for information on minimal pricing options and available dates.